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What I’m Watching: Daredevil


I felt my hype creeping up upon hearing that Netflix had gotten rights to create miniseries out of several of Marvel’s superheroes. Netflix has put out some quality original programming in recent years, most┬átaking advantage of the binge-friendly format and creating long-form stories that play out almost like longer movies. I expected much the same out of Daredevil, the first of five planned Marvel offerings hitting Netflix over the next few years. Daredevil has had one cinematic outing in recent history, but to call it “derided” would be an understatement. This series is something of a blank state, as most viewers unfamiliar with the comic know little about the premise beyond “he’s a blind superhero what sees with his ears”. After finishing viewing the series with my wife earlier this week, it seemed a good time to throw down some impressions. I’ll keep light on the spoilers for this post, driving my way deep into spoiler territory next time around.

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