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On Cards Against Humanity

Twitter has been abuzz about Cards Against Humanity lately, primarily (though not entirely) spurred by the Shut Up & Sit Down review that hit yesterday. It’s actually something worth reading- a thought out and well written take down of controversial game. There is definitely discussion to be had regarding celebrating free speech vs using that speech to punch down at underrepresented and marginalized groups. I have never been easily offended (having lived a life where the worst I would get called is “nerd”), so it’s valuable to hear about things I have never had to experience. It makes me a more well-rounded person, and forces me to consider lives outside my scope of experience. That’s part of the reason for this blog- to expose readers to a life that has taken a different turn than their own.

I’m not going to talk about that, though. I’m going to talk about the hop-ons derailing an interesting discussion to put on their “I’m So Smart” cap and sneer down at the unfunny masses.

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